Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Pillowcase Dresses

As usual, life around here is a crazy whirlwind - subconsiously, I must like it like that. Three weeks ago my friend, Carrie, and I started doing the "People's Market". It is a farmer's market that takes place every Sunday through the summer and early fall. It's held at the International Peace Gardens and it's been a grand adventure, to say the least.

Carrie and I decided that her hats and flowers and my little dresses are too adorable to be apart, so we've been staging them together. Carrie's friend, Melinda, volunteered to take some nice photos for our etsy shops and craft fair booths. I am SOOOOO impressed these pictures turned out so AMAZING! Melinda's blog is - go check her out, she's awesome!

This is my Talia. She is super friendly and loves to smile at everyone who walks nearby. The thing that everyone always says is, "Wow, look at those eyes!" I love this picture!

This is Talia and Nadia (Carrie's daughter). They were born 3 weeks apart and they are good little buddies. I can't believe that there is a picture of Tali in a hat and not in the process of removing the hat. Seriously, Melinda had about .8 seconds between me jumping out of the way and Tali getting the hat completely off her head.
This is Nadia. She is SO adorable and I knew my eyelet dress would be awesome on her. Yes, those are bloomers!! Doesn't this picture just make you want to cry??

I'm having so much fun!