Monday, May 23, 2011

More Easter Stuff...

Here is a family picture that shows the older girls Easter dresses :) This was taken at my Mom's house with her awesome cherry tree in the back. So here's what's funny about this pic. My husband - who is annoyingly stubborn sometimes - wanted to take pictures at our house...right after church. Do you know what kids are like 'right after church'? 'Horrible Demons' sounds about right. They were awful. At any one point half of them were crying. One of them was ALWAYS picking on another one. One was running away. It was awesome. Finally, I looked at Rob and what I wanted to say was "you're a freaking idiot"...but I resisted and said, "Seriously, you thought this was a good idea?" to which he replied (yelled) "I JUST WANT A FAMILY PICTURE!" Yeah, these are ALL keepers. They're so bad I'm not going to post them. I will, however, save them - so I can reference them evidence.

But then we got to my mom's. The kids had had a snack and watched a movie in the car. Whatever 'church' does to them had worn off and they were almost human again. AND there was someone else to hold the camera so Rob could be in the family picture.

So, I can't resist a project. This is a Martha Stewart project I saw a few years ago. I had to google it to remember how it goes. If you want a chuckle, go find the original tutorial - search 'silk dyed eggs'. I could put up a link for you but then I'd have to go find it again.

Basically, you go to your local thrift store and find some silk ties - gotta be 100% silk. Then you cut them up into squares big enough to wrap an egg. Wrap up raw eggs in the tie fabric - tight as you can without breaking the egg. Use a twist-tie on the top. Then wrap them again in fabric that's like a bed sheet. I used leftover eyelet because I have piles of it laying around. Then you put your eggs in a pot with enough water to cover them plus 1/4 cup of vinegar. Bring to a boil and simmer for 20 minutes. Then unwrap your eggs. If you want to shine them up, you can rub some olive oil on them. I didn't.

Mine looked like this...
Pretty fancy, huh?! I'm totally doing this every year!! Everyone who saw them was super impressed :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

What else did I do in April??

So I sort of let my blog go for a few months. Mostly because I was too busy making Easter dresses for other people to make anything new to show off on the blog. I thought you'd all get tired of "This week I made this many white eyelet pillowcase dresses and this many white eyelet bloomers"... seriously, that was what my life was like. And then, just as business was slowing down, Taya made her grand appearance and threw my groove off.

But she is SOOO cute!! These pics are courtesy of my sister Anna who takes amazing pictures :)

The seamstress in me had to have matching Easter dresses for the girls if it killed me.

I made Ivory Eyelet pillowcase dresses and bloomies for the little girls...partly because I've got this pattern DOWN and they are fast for me and part because I think they're SO cute on little girlies. The bloomies are almost unbearable to look at - they are so cute!

Anna found this cute tea cup at Joann's and we were trying to get some pictures of it for her blog. Sadly, this is one of the better shots. Taya is NOT selling this tea cup at all. Really, she was too old for this shot - we needed a floppier floppy.

I love baby feet more than a lot of things...especially baby feet with painted toe nails (I did that in the hospital) surrounded by frilly bloomies!

Here's Talia in all her Easter glory :)

The older girls are too old for pillowcase dresses. Kenzie wanted a sundress. So Kenzie and Jade have matching sundresses out of the same fabric. They are super cute but I don't have a good picture of them right now. But guess what? These dresses weren't just for Easter - Nope. My sister, Anna, is having her wedding reception in June. And my sister, Ashley, is getting sealed and having her reception in August. These dresses are going to both of those so pictures will follow!!