Monday, November 9, 2009

Aprons for big girls...

Like my new manequin? Her name is Gertrude - but we call her Gerty for short. She is the greatest apron model ever. She stands at the side of our booth wearing an apron and a scarf (Carrie makes those - they're awesome

When we were at the show in Reupert (yes, we went to Reupert for a show and it totally ROCKED!) Someone asked if I could make a teal/brown apron. I told her no problem and she took my card so she could get back to me. The only problem was that I didn't own any teal fabric. All my fabric is pink. So I was at Joann's (the happiest place on Earth) and someone else at the cut table had this fabric out and DING,DING,DING - I knew it was the one. So the next time I was in Joanns (the next day - since I practically live there) I got some for myself.

You should have seen people go nuts over this apron at Mindy Mae's. It's a wonder that it didn't sell. I really thought it was going to. I'm sort of glad that it didn't because when I got home there was an email from the lady in Idaho. So I sent her pictures and she loved it and a check is on the way.

Someone at the People's Market asked if I could do a more "Earthy" sort of apron. So, I made this one. She never came back to the market to see it but that's okay because it can come to other shows. It's sort of getting lost in the fall leaves. This is Amy Butler's Morning Glory and Oxford Stripe fabric. I love this apron style - the gathered top looks really cute on flat girls like me because it gives the illusion of a figure.. It looks REALLY awesome on girls who actually have a figure.

Gerty has a spectacular figure. She's really busty - both my husband AND Carrie's husband were super quick to point out that feature.