Monday, November 9, 2009

Aprons for big girls...

Like my new manequin? Her name is Gertrude - but we call her Gerty for short. She is the greatest apron model ever. She stands at the side of our booth wearing an apron and a scarf (Carrie makes those - they're awesome

When we were at the show in Reupert (yes, we went to Reupert for a show and it totally ROCKED!) Someone asked if I could make a teal/brown apron. I told her no problem and she took my card so she could get back to me. The only problem was that I didn't own any teal fabric. All my fabric is pink. So I was at Joann's (the happiest place on Earth) and someone else at the cut table had this fabric out and DING,DING,DING - I knew it was the one. So the next time I was in Joanns (the next day - since I practically live there) I got some for myself.

You should have seen people go nuts over this apron at Mindy Mae's. It's a wonder that it didn't sell. I really thought it was going to. I'm sort of glad that it didn't because when I got home there was an email from the lady in Idaho. So I sent her pictures and she loved it and a check is on the way.

Someone at the People's Market asked if I could do a more "Earthy" sort of apron. So, I made this one. She never came back to the market to see it but that's okay because it can come to other shows. It's sort of getting lost in the fall leaves. This is Amy Butler's Morning Glory and Oxford Stripe fabric. I love this apron style - the gathered top looks really cute on flat girls like me because it gives the illusion of a figure.. It looks REALLY awesome on girls who actually have a figure.

Gerty has a spectacular figure. She's really busty - both my husband AND Carrie's husband were super quick to point out that feature.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Jungle Baby Blanket

Don't you just LOVE Facebook! My friend, Kevin, found me about a month ago. Kevin and I grew up together. Our moms' were best friends and we were in every class together from kindergarten to 4th grade. The summer after 4th grade I moved away. We went to different High Schools but we lived close enough that we dated for a couple of years. Anyway, I hadn't seen Kevin since his wedding reception about 12 years ago.

Anyway, we were chatting away on Facebook and Kevin asked me to do a blanket for his one year old boy. AWESOME!! I asked him what kind and in true male form he replied, "oh whatever, something boyish". Okay, non-helpful. And honestly, I wasn't worried that Kevin would like it, I was worried that his WIFE would like it. So after a few more "no really, what kind" questions from me I decided to narrow the scope. Jungle, Dick and Jane, Stars, Ocean. Kevin picked 'jungle'. HOORAY!! I searched all over for the right jungle fabric. I looked at Michael Miller's stuff and Alexander Henry's Urban Jungle - just not quite right for this project.

The first time I saw this jungle print I wasn't that excited about it. But when I came back to it a little later I remembered all the coordinating fabrics that I already had and BAM that was the one. It's from (of course they didn't have it in the store - isn't that just the way it always goes?).

I love the texture of the lined chenille in some of the blocks and I way, way, love all the trims that I used. There is no batting. I love the blankets that don't have batting because they are so light and comfy. My kids prefer them as well. The backing is just blue and white gingham flannel. To hold the back and front together, I top-stiched around the center grouping of blocks and around the next layer of blocks. Next time I think I'll just do a few squares by hand. I think it will take the same amount of time.

I wish I'd taken a close up of the binding. It's hand stiched and the corners are mitered. I think the blanket measured at 46X55.

Then, the moment of truth...I was actually going to be driving by Kevin's house so I offered to drop it off. I know, so nice of me. I REALLY wanted to see the look on their faces when they saw it. So, Kevin's wife (who is super cute) says, "Okay, I'm really nervous - because when Kevin said he bought a blanket without me seeing it I was worried." No kidding. So I pulled out the blanket (hold breath) and they loved it. In fact, Ana said the colors were perfect to go with the little boy's room (exhale). I'm telling you what, all my fabric purchases are INSPIRED!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Pillowcase Dresses

As usual, life around here is a crazy whirlwind - subconsiously, I must like it like that. Three weeks ago my friend, Carrie, and I started doing the "People's Market". It is a farmer's market that takes place every Sunday through the summer and early fall. It's held at the International Peace Gardens and it's been a grand adventure, to say the least.

Carrie and I decided that her hats and flowers and my little dresses are too adorable to be apart, so we've been staging them together. Carrie's friend, Melinda, volunteered to take some nice photos for our etsy shops and craft fair booths. I am SOOOOO impressed these pictures turned out so AMAZING! Melinda's blog is - go check her out, she's awesome!

This is my Talia. She is super friendly and loves to smile at everyone who walks nearby. The thing that everyone always says is, "Wow, look at those eyes!" I love this picture!

This is Talia and Nadia (Carrie's daughter). They were born 3 weeks apart and they are good little buddies. I can't believe that there is a picture of Tali in a hat and not in the process of removing the hat. Seriously, Melinda had about .8 seconds between me jumping out of the way and Tali getting the hat completely off her head.
This is Nadia. She is SO adorable and I knew my eyelet dress would be awesome on her. Yes, those are bloomers!! Doesn't this picture just make you want to cry??

I'm having so much fun!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Branching Out....

Aren't these the cutest shoes EVER? These are tiny (0-3 months).
I'm going to be doing a couple of Farmer's markets this summer and I thought that I would do soap at one and kid stuff at the other. This little pillowcase dress is my prototype. It's a super cute dress on my 11 month old Tali - and a really cute top on my size 6 Kenzie. That's what I love about the pillowcase dresses - versatility.
I found these cute stands at TJ Maxx and they are just the right size for these dresses.

This is the apron I made to wear at craft shows and farmer's markets. The one I made for my friend, Carrie, is even cuter - if you want to see it, go to her blog . At the Wheeler Farm show a couple of people asked about the fabulous aprons.

Friday, May 8, 2009

My sister's vinyl lettering!

I live in a world where almost every other girl I know is decorating her house with "Gordon B. Hinkley's Be's" and plaques that say "Families are Forever" (there are a million versions of this), or any number or scriptural references. I don't think these are bad things - but I was never one to mindlessly follow the crowd. Here's what I've done......
My sister, Katie, does the coolest stuff with her vinyl lettering machine! This Domestic Goddess one is in my kitchen over the plant shelves. The ceiling is vaulted in here so I've had this huge bare wall forever. Not now!! It measures 2ft X 3ft and it's AWESOME!!
She also made me these cute labels for my laundry soap! The containers aren't very big, but when you only use a tablespoon at a time it's not so bad. This holds about 30 loads worth of laundry soap.
I LOVE this one also. It's in the kids bathroom. This quote ALWAYS makes people chuckle - especially when I tell them I put it on my wall!
Not pictured are the "26.2" window sticker for my car. My husband HATES when I put the pink one on the mustang. And the Super cute "polka dots & posies" for my business sign.
If you want Katie to make something awesome for you, send me your email and I'll pass it along!