Wednesday, April 27, 2011

SHE'S HERE...Well, She's been here :)

Anastasia Miriam Berthelson (Taya for short) charged into the world on April 13th at 6:05 am. This labor was a little slower than the last two which was awesome because we made it to the hospital in plenty of time to get into an actual room AND the doctor made it!!

First things first...Here is me leaving the hospital in size 4 jeans that are buttoned. This is the end result of about 168 hours of gym time (and over 500 miles) over the last 9 months.

Here's my cute husband, Rob, who was determined to not like the surprise baby. Yeah, al he had to do was hold her one time and he was hooked.

Our almost-3-year-old, Talia, was SO excited when the baby came home!

All the kids think she's the greatest thing ever. She never goes more than a few minutes without being mauled by one of them :)

Bowen is the least impressed. But he's a boy - the only boy.

Jade kissing Taya. Notice how Tali has managed to be in almost every shot?

Check it out - it's all the girls in one shot :)

Okay, so my New Year's Project has sort of been on hold. Easter dress season and a craft show up in Idaho kept me busy, busy, busy. Oh yeah, and that business with the new baby. I had to hold a tiny baby for a couple of weeks :) Anyway, the next show is the Kottage Kupboard up in Idaho next week. After that I will be back in business and working on The Project.

Of course, I made the girls Easter dresses. Pictures to follow...