Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Apron Pictures!

My children's aprons and chef hats aren't new...I just never had good pictures until now. Thanks again to http://www.melindabryantphoto.etsy.com/

When people ask me about Etsy and having a shop there, one of the first things I tell them is to get good pictures. It is unbelievable what a difference a picture makes. I've had this apron and chef hat in my shop for almost 2 years and it hardly got looked at. Now it gets viewed all the time. And Nadia is a super cute model, too!

Also featured, cupcakes!! by http://www.nadiasplace.etsy.com/

Here's Nadia tossing a cupcake with a whisk and spatula...ya know, like you do. When I'm over at their house, Nadia likes to fry up a cupcake in a frying pan. It's super cute and fun :)

Oops, got that pic in twice.

This is my cherry apron and one of Carrie's crochet cherry pies.

Rolling out your imaginary pie crust.

Mixing your pie dough with a spatula...ya know, like you do :)

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